Costs and Refunds

    As a not-for-profit club, we keep our prices as low as possible to cover the cost of providing the lessons but ensuring they are of an exceptional quality.


    Cost of Holiday courses :

    • £85 per week;

    Cost of average 12 week Term :

    • £200 per term;


    • Payments are non-refundable. However if your circumstances change, please call the office as we hold a swap list and may be able to arrange a swap or someone on the waiting list may be able to take your place.   If we can do that, we’ll refund all the lessons they take less a £15 admin fee.  Please remember this is offered as a gesture of goodwill and not a contractual obligation.  If we cannot arrange this and you are unable to take up your slot for any reason, you will forfeit your termly fees.
    • Should we have to cancel a lesson for any reason, including local lock-downs due to coronavirus, another will be arranged within the London Borough of Richmond school dates, on the same day and time. Occasionally this may be at a different venue but will be within reasonable travelling distance. Refunds will be only be given if we cannot reschedule the lesson within the same term – we do not expect you to have to carry forward credits.
    • Any scheduled changes to lessons will be sent with your rebooking form and confirmation email so you can decide before you pay for the term if you would prefer to switch your day of swimming or perhaps venue.  No refunds can be given if you decide to take the block of lessons but cannot make the change.  An example of a scheduled change would be for a school open day or one-off gala evening where they didn’t want to hire the pool.