The Mall Pool

    The Mall School is suitable for:

    • Intermediate Swimmers (i.e. those who have good technique on front and back crawl for a minimum of 5m). Maximum of THREE swimmers per group and tutor is in the water with them.
    • Advanced Swimmers (i.e. those who can maintain good technique on front and back crawl with various breathing patterns on front crawl over 1 length minimum).  Maximum of FOUR swimmers per group; tutor is out of the water to better observe streamlining and body position;
    • Alpha Squad: the first of our squads meet at this pool.

    Intermediate and Advanced lessons are taught in the pool at the same time and are 30 minutes long :

    Mondays only: lessons start 3.45pm, 4.15pm, 4.45pm, 5.15pm, 5.45pm; 6.15pm

    Alpha Squad start time: Mondays 6.45pm;

    • Changing facilities: large areas separated to male and female swimmers;
    • Parents: not allowed on poolside, but can observe lessons through the changing rooms or from a window in the reception area; sorry there are no tables and chairs to sit in this area. Parents can wait in the changing area, reception area, seats in the playground, or return to car.

    The school is on Hampton Road, very close to a few local landmarks – Fulwell Bus and Train Station; Squires Garden Centre; The Old Goat and Loch Fyne Restaurants.

    Parking: There is no on-site parking, but plenty of residential roads that are within a few minutes walk.  The best places are Golf Side and Stanley Road (behind the Loch Fyne Restaurant); Wellesley Road; Fifth Cross Road.  Hampton Road near the school itself has lots of parking restrictions. As the council seems to be extending restricted parking everywhere, we would advise you to check carefully before parking on any road.

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