Socially Distanced Holiday Courses

    We would love to welcome your child to one of our socially -distanced holiday course!   Our ‘new normal’ has been re-designed to be exceptional in every respect during this socially-distanced period and not just on how to keep everyone safe and follow all the guidelines laid down by Swim England and the government – although this is a top priority!  We have rethought how tutors communicate well whilst being on poolside; how do we keep lessons fun whilst keeping children safe at a 2m distance?  It has been a challenge, but we have cracked it!  No more than TWO children per group!!  Check out our Facebook page for all the lovely testimonies from new and nervous families who have SO enjoyed our courses.

    February Half Term: Monday 15th – Friday 19th Feb inclusive

    Easter 1: Tuesday 6th – Saturday 10th April inclusive;

    Easter 2: Monday 12th– Friday 16th April inclusive;

    If you have swam with us before just email in and we’ll find a great group for your child.

      If you are a new client, we are really looking forward to welcoming you!  Please click the button below and the Word Document will download to your computer. Please fill it out and then “Save” & then email back to