Welcome to Springboard Swimmers - A unique swimming school in
West London

    Springboard Swimmers

    We currently have over 1000 children swimming in weekly lessons and lots more regularly attending holiday courses. Whilst you will find there are many benefits to belonging to such a large club you will also find that we know and care for every individual we teach. This is possible through having very small groups taught by professional, mature and above all kind and caring staff who are not only qualified to teach swimming but also enjoy their work and are trained to communicate well with children.

    Our tremendous growth has been almost exclusively through personal recommendation and is a testament to the excellence of our tutors and swimming methods.

    “Billy has been swimming at Springboard for the last 2 years and the progression that we have seen as a result of the concentration on his stroke has been incredible. He really enjoys the weekly lessons and we can’t thank you enough for the fantastic teaching he’s had from every instructor at the Mall.”

    – Ellie Bright