Welcome to Springboard Swimmers - An exceptional swimming school in
West London

    Welcome to Springboard Swimmers website.

    Whilst London Borough of Richmond is in Tier 4 or above, we are unable to run our swimming lessons.   Children’s lessons can go ahead when we are in Tier 3.  Over 18 and Adult lessons can only go ahead in Tier 2 so may take longer to get started.

    For everyone booked into the Spring Term lessons, we will keep in touch by email.  When we return, you can either carry forward your credit for the Summer Term or holiday courses, or get a cash refund.   No-one is expected to take a catch up lessons at a day or time that doesn’t suit you.

    If you are a new client, please browse through our website.  I hope it answers any questions you have, but don’t hesitate to get in touch or to send on an application form to join us.  We are taking reservations for all our term time courses as well as February half term and Easter holiday courses.

    We have made lots of changes to ensure that when we do return, we are following national guidelines from Swim England and that all our swimmers, visitors and staff are safe from Coronavirus during this difficult period and we don’t take any short cuts or make excuses of  ‘doing our best’.  These changes are all listed under our “Why Choose Us?” section.

    We are only working with a skeleton administrative staff during Tier 4 as our administrators are on furlough, so it may take a while longer to get back to you than normal, but please do get in touch by email.  We would love to hear from you and hope you may join us as soon as we can return.

    – Karen Duane, Manager