Why Choose Us?

    There are lots of local swimming providers – so why choose us?

    • As a not-for-profit sports club, we offer excellent lessons at a very reasonable price without having to compromise on quality. Your fees are for the cost of running the lessons and improving the club, not for a director’s profit.
    • We provide lessons in small groups for children from 3 months of age, through to advanced, squads and rookie lifeguard as well as adult lessons in 5 local indoor pools ranging in size from beginner to 25 metres.
    • When your child joins the Springboard swimming family, they are guaranteed spaces in appropriate groups and pools for as long and as far they want to go – no more waiting lists and a smooth transition between stages with familiar tutors and language.
    • Retention rates have always been over 95% each term since the club began 20 years ago, and often are higher than that due to the excellence of what we do. This does make for a bit of a waiting list for non-swimmers and beginners, but it is most definitely worth the wait and the sooner you join it, the sooner you’ll be able to start with our excellent tutors. Availability for lots of other ability groups.


    Richmond and Teddington
    courses for
    and beginners

    Call us on 020 8894 6640