Under 3’s

    Children under 3 need to be accompanied in the water by an adult. Each group has exclusive use of the pool and a tutor in the water with them; there is a maximum of 8 children with their adults per group. Please email for more details. Lessons take place at Stanley Pool in Teddington on Monday and Friday mornings.

    Holiday courses

    Holiday courses: are suitable for children aged 3 years and over who are non-swimmers or needing stroke improvement. Swimming for 5 consecutive days with the same tutor really brings children on leaps and bounds. If you’ve never done an intensive holiday course before you’ll be amazed at how much progress children can make. There is an option of small group swimming lessons each morning or 1:1 sessions each afternoon. Courses take place at Stanley Pool in Teddington and St Richard’s school in Ham, Richmond.

    Foundation Stage

    For children over 3 years of age who cannot yet swim 5m on front and back crawl with good technique and correct breathing technique on front crawl. Adults do not have to be in the water with the children, but can watch from the side.  No more than 3 children per group and the tutor is in the water with them; no more than 3 groups in the pool at any one time.  Lessons take place at Stanley Pool in Teddington and St Richard’s in Ham, Richmond. If your child is in this category, you may also be interested in our Deep Water Confidence classes – see information below.

    Intermediate Stage

    Children who can swim more than 5 metres with good stroke technique.   We refine technique until children can swim 25 on front and back crawl whilst maintaining good technique throughout.  There are no more than 3 children per group and the tutor is in the water with them. Lessons take place at the deeper pools at St Catherine’s, The Mall and Lady Eleanor Holles Pool.

    Advanced stage

    Children who swim 25 metres plus on front and back crawl whilst maintaining good technique and a variety of breathing patterns on front crawl.  We aim to improve technique and stamina on front and back crawl and introduce breast stroke.  There are no more than 4 children per group swimming in deep water and with the tutor out of the water to better observe body position.


    Aimed at children who are good enough to join a swimming club, but who do not want to commit to the rigours that would be demanded. Each group swims once per week and has exclusive use of the pool and max 18 children per squad at St Catherine’s and 40 per squad at Lady Eleanor Holles. Children must be able to maintain good technique on breast stroke and front and back crawl for 150m to be eligible to join. The aim of squads is to maintain and refine children’s technique, improve stamina and introduce new skills such as tumble turns and butterfly stroke.

    Specialist Courses

    Each term we offer specialist 6 week courses listed below. Please do get in touch by clicking here (link to contact us page) if you would this term’s program and availability.

    • Deep Water confidence class- aimed at children who are independently swimming but does not have the technique to move into intermediate classes just yet.
    • Diving classes – : this is teaching the racing dive as opposed to Tom Daley style of diving!  An intensive course for half a term can ensure children have good technique not only to avoid the dreaded belly flop but also to increase their times and speed in swimming.  Suitable for advanced and squad swimmers.
    • BreastStroke Clinics: many children find this stroke the most challenging and a short intensive course focusing on this stroke can really help.

    Rookie Lifeguard: These classes are very different to our normal classes and cover 3 main areas:

    • personal survival – swimming fully clothed, using your clothes as life saving equipment, treading water, recognising and giving SOS signals
    • life saving – rescuing others while keeping yourself safe, using life saving equipment, first aid
    • recognising and responding to dangers around water

    The Rookies use the whole of the pool and learn to work as a team and individually. We have noticed how much the course really builds stamina in children as they end up doing lots of lengths of the pool, usually fully clothed, without even realising it as they are ‘rescue’ their team-mates.

    But as well as being a fun way to keep fit, it obviously has the serious potential to save their own or another’s life and is a great addition to any child’s CV as it leads to a nationally recognised certificate from the Royal Life Saving Society. Children are welcome to join us as they work their way through Bronze, Silver and Gold awards OR they can do it as a one-off for learning the basics and a certificate.

    For more information: please look on the Royal Life Saving Society website

    Suitable for children over 8 years of age who have an advanced level of swimming Group meets Thursdays 6.30pm – 7pm at Lady Eleanor Holles School in Hampton.